Sunday, January 07, 2007

Had I but worlds enough/ And time...

This poet was such a lech, don't you think?? But what a fabulous way to be propositioned! I also love some of the sonnets of Donne. Lovers' Infiniteness is beautiful, and expresses the tangles of emotion of loving someone so well...


So I'll share a little:
The MOMD [formerly known as my DH, but that wasn't adoring enough, in his humble opinion!!] paid attention when I showed him this in the bookshop - I guess he's earned the MOMD title :) I was finished by bedtime on Boxing Day - I kind of inhaled it, but how could I not?? The Word of The Knitting Goddess aka Yarn Harlot aka Author Whose Other Books I Must Collect Right Now Or As Soon As I Find Money In The Gutter Or Some Other Unlikely Place Like Paid Employment (Ha!)
And also:
Glass-and-a-half Tychus, version2.0. This time I know I have enough wool - 2 balls of each colour, one ball does about 3 segments. (Yarn gods, please do not smite me any further on this project - I've learnt my lesson, really I have *grovel grovel*)
Furthermore, there is a toddlersock waiting for toe-grafting (I figure 2nd sock syndrome might not notice me if I haven't quite finished the 1st sock *fingers crossed*), and some ideas for an iPod cosy, but PhotoBooth is having a sulk after I decided that the computer-screen flash wasn't enough, so pics some other time.

Posting will be sporadic for the next 2 weeks, my timetable looks a little like this:
8.30am dogs to vet - grooming, weird lump on tail, probable cataract on left eye (she's 9 ie 67 dog years)
drop off dry cleaning
make appt to get hair done (getting scary enough to need a hairband full-time)
go to gym
book carpet cleaners
get removalist quotes
new watchband
pick up dogs
sort out phone connection issues
packing, cleaning, cleaning, packing

leftovers from Monday
packing, cleaning, cleaning, packing

10-12 playgroup across the waters in West Hobart - unless it's raining, in which case NO WAY am I taking 3 kids to a park
packing, cleaning, cleaning, packing

packing, cleaning, cleaning, packing
5pm pre-Settlement inspection

9.30 gym
Settlement and Getting Of The Keys at some point
Happy Dance in Various Rooms Of Our First Ever Own Home (Which We Share With Which-Bank)
packing, cleaning, cleaning, packing

measuring, planning, cleaning, moving boxes boxes boxes, cleaning kitchen and bathrooms of Our New House (if nec) (always nec, right?) and unpacking essentials

more of same

more of same

Tues (or Wed )
Moving Day

physio appt


Aside from all of that, envision me running a house with 3 kids, lots of rain to make drying the washing interesting, and darling baby V is TEETHING - first 2 teeth have broken through the lower gum, and although she is chewing on everything in sight, and waking up three times per night, so far we have been spared the horrendous nappies of the firstborn, and the sore face and excessive sadness of the secondborn.
Knitting is replaced by fondling of stray items and reading 3 blog posts with stolen cups of tea....

Regular scheduling will resume in 2 weeks

Wish me luck!!