Friday, January 05, 2007

So Much To Blog, So Little Knitting Content

First Friday of the Year!!

And how are we all enjoying 2007 so far? I must say, I continue to find the weather here amusing - after a mild start to the year, yesterday hit 31*C inside the house, which didn't cool down till around 9pm, while today made it as far as a pleasant 26*C, 85% humidity and enough rain to completely block the view of the North Bruny Island - actually, you could barely see the bottom of our hill - Yippee!!! Hobart started water restrictions mid-December, and you can really see the drought killing off shrubs and trees when you drive through the state, as we did on the way home on Tuesday, so the rain is truly wonderful.

Xmas news - we did the DH's family Christmas which was fabulous - our 3 plus their cousins made a grand total of SIX granchildren running, stomping, crawling and kicking their ways around the house, grabbing prezzies, dropping toys everywhere, playing games both loud and quiet, eating, sleeping, crying, laughing, getting plenty of Nana and Pa time, and - most importantly - getting a chance to know each other. I don't really remember ever having a Chrissy like it as a child - maybe one or two (I'll have to ask my Mum) - but I'm thrilled we had a chance to give one to our kids this year. Being so far away now, it can be hard to give them a sense of where they belong in the family, but after all the fun (and tantrums) we all have memory pics to help us along.

New Year's Eve? I didn't last! After the aforementioned 'fun and tantrums', and a week of even-more-than-usually-broken sleep due to overtired and overstimulated small folk, I crashed around 11pm. We had had a quiet night with my uncle and aunt, dancing with baby V to Michael Buble (no idea how to do accents on letters in Blogger, so excuse my non-French spelling), and listening to the other two do plastic karaoke echo-mike singalongs :) We had to drive to Melbourne the next day, so excessive anything was out of the question!

Resolutions? No - but we were listening to Mark Trevorrow (aka Bob Downe who is the funniest cabaret singer I've ever seen) on the radio, asking people what they would do or be in 2007 that they hadn't been or done before...

What will I do or be in 2007??
* Become a homeowner!!! Keys on Friday 12th!!!!!!!!

That's about it really - I started on the clean-up-my-act thing last year, so going to the gym is no longer new, and other health issues are being dealt with.
Oh oh oh!
* I will graduate with a Masters of Applied Science in Teacher Librarianship!!!! (as long as I get those last two assignments done by Feb 9th *gasp*)

So, that's it - mortgage 30 years of income away, and get a degree that is unlikely to get me my preferred job in my new home state :P

Knitting in the next post, I promise!