Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day - the Reality

Thankyou to the wellwishers who hoped I'd realise my on if you dare to face the reality ;P

So, baby V woke up three times between midnight and breakfast, stayed at home with my parents doing washing, adjudicating battles between the kids, trying to get these dratted uni assigns done in the middle of the rumpus room 'cos I have no internet access anywhere else... Made a very nice salady selction for dinner, which didn't happen till about 9pm, what with kids' meals, baby tooth coming out during brushing, last photo for the grandparents with 2 out of 3 (V asleep), and lovely cheesecake for dessert. The best thing over the whole day?? My present from the MOMD, a man who really does listen (now) to what I saw I want:

A potato scrubber!! Woo HOO!!
And Valentine's Evening, I see your wink wink, nudge nudge-... forgot to make the bed first, so finally found repose at 11pm, V woke at 12pm, 2.30am and 4.36am, got up at 5.10am to drive parents to airport, back in bed by 6.10 am, V was restless and wanted a feed at 6.30 am, gave up and got up at 6.56am this morning, the first day of the new school year here in Tassie, so much hustling of children, finding of bag and hat, making of lunch - thank goodness for the MOMD, he changed the baby and fed her breakfast, and made porridge for S, so I even managed to have my tea and toast and get everyone out of the house ON TIME by 8.35am!!!!
{S dashed in to tell me about the BoohBah moves, and I have a fresh cup of tea, so of course V has just woken up!}
I'll show you the beanie that didn't happen - next time!