Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It never rains

but it's pouring down the minor annoyances of family life.

  • Exhibit A: V is teething - one night she wakes 8 times or so (I lost count around 3am), the next she yells for an hour or two at midnight and sleeps till 6. Repeat.
  • Exhibit B: V has a cold.
  • Exhibit C: S has a cold.
  • Exhibit D: S has conjunctivitis - unsurprising in a child with a cold who constantly checks to see whether there is anything new in her nostrils.
  • Exhibit E: J has a cold.
  • Exhibit F: all children are waking up at their ususal time.
  • Exhibit G: Daylight Saving finished on the weekend. 7am is now 6am. Now you understand Exhibit F.
It's not all bad though - I have buttermilk scones, and rhubarb and buttermilk muffins in the freezer, rhubarb and sugar waiting to be rhubarb cinnamon coconut cake, rhubarb and pear slurry (too wet to be a crumble!) in the fridge, and more rhubarb looking for a recipe :) I like rhubarb when the weather cools down. Yum.
And while putting it straight after the above greed-fest is a tad ludicrous, I am very pleased that I am now able to get into, zip up, and sit in some of my size 16 pants (no idea what the northern hemisphere equivalent is) - this means I have lost much of my pregnancy weight and 2 dress sizes!!!! I will be able to fit into some of my nice clothes for graduation!! To celebrate, I bought myself 3 long-sleeved tees from Big Double U - I am thrilled to say that this season's colours are me, me, me!!! Think deep crimson, mulberry and deep teal - AND I've seen purple everywhere!!! Oh happy happy colours!! Banish the Beige! Turf the Tan!!! No More Monochrome!!! (at least this season)
Also, the sun is shining, it is pleasant enough to sit outside should I find a housework/motherhood/other duty-free moment, and I'm going to ignore the dishes, grab a cup of tea, my sock-knitting, my iPod, and enjoy it while I can.
Ta ta!!