Thursday, March 01, 2007

No more, no more, no more, no more

Uni is no more!!!
All done!! In, uploaded, OVER!!! I will accept that having been less than my usual committed self, the marks may be less than awesome, but as my girlfriend told me last year, at this stage, P=degree, which will mean a graduation celebration in two months!!! (do I really have to clean up the rumpus room now??)

So last night, in front of House and Medium, there was this>>>

Which is good, because large parts of this morning have been taken up with this>>>
V has had a temp the last few days, and is very easily overset this morning, thus me reading blogs in the arrangement above. (How cool is my Mac?? I can take pictures with one finger!!!)
Ooh! and I got some sleeeeeeeeep - 5 hours in a row!! TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!!!
Today, I did not get up cranky!!! It just gets better and better :)

Jae! Stop that right now!!! I am saving the rhymes-with-Tan-Bucket for this afternoon, when V goes to sleep - no more nudging!!