Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TdF Updates

Le Maillot Vert etait gagné par un Australien!
Allez Les Vertes!!
Mon progrés:
Dimanche: l'enchantillon

Lundi: le dessin

Lundi nuit: J'ai monté les mailles
Mardi: Fin d'une ligne bleue, commencement de la première ligne de jaune

The astute among you may notice a few differences between the design swatch, the chart and the reality on my needles: this is the excitement of Designing-On-The-Needles!! Changes have been made following advice from the MOMD (3 colour steps before changing) and my son J (yellow next, then red). If I can stop reading blogs long enough to pay attention, the slipped stitches the wraps before them are fun and easy, and it goes pretty fast!
Whiz whiz whiz!