Sunday, July 08, 2007

What Penni Saw

I met up with Penni today at Loaves (local bakery cafe - as you all deduced, I'm sure), and showed her the nearly-doneness of the Noro cardi:

In turn, she showed me the beauty of her Noro Silk Garden Lite Argosy (and I'm really sorry about distracting you so much Penni!), which looks just charming and quick and fun to knit - I'm thinking about a wider version (I'm not one for fine, elegant scarves - I like 'em cushy) - AFTER the TdF KAL, of course. While I am not going to start anything new for the next 3 weeks (other than Jean-Pierre and Sandrine), the WIPs are allowed to provide a little light relief (hopefully not of the comic kind).

PS: 2paw, I keep trying to find a phrase for TopDown, but end up with stuff that sounds slightly rude, so maybe Haut Tricot?? Rhymes nicely!!