Thursday, August 23, 2007

Belated KIP blogging

My deepest apologies to my Knitty Peeps Penni and blogfree Jen - we had a bit of a KIP'n'cuppa on Sunday, and I did not immediately blog, and *gasp of horror* I forgot to take the good camera out of my bag and do pics!!!
So, not a good blogging week for me, obviously.
The KIP'n'cuppa was great, though; topics ranged from the unavoidable (what're you knitting?) to the hypothetical (what're you planning to knit?) to the cyberspatial (what knitty stuff have you seen recently on the net?). We also touched on work, family, Web 2.0, Library 2.0, whether any nuns still taught at Penni's workplace, (Jen used to go to school there way back when), why I talk in inches for little measurements (but also mix in a few mm for tiny things), the weather, etc etc etc.
I came home feeling fab after more than an hour of childfree conversation - the glow, despite all that children and showers and dinner and stories and housework could throw at me, lingered for hours....