Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm still here

not a lot of knitting,
reeling under the latest blast of coughing, mucousy, virus-laden child who doesn't enjoy sleeping from 2am onwards,
have also discovered that she is producing her first upper molars,
which will make the scorecard upper jaw: 6 teeth, lower jaw 2 teeth,
making those two little bottom teeth look very rodent-y (or is that just the lack of sleep skewing my perceptions??)
also I have been enticed by The Ginger Tree, by Oswald Wynd, on loan from Mum, and have been turning its pages rather than reading blogs - at least there'll be lots to catch up on when I finish it!!
my second sock is about 10cm ie 2 evenings away from completion, but I've been abstaining because those small needles were making my wrist sore,
a pinwheel cardi is about 6 rounds away from waste yarn for sleeves, but becoming increasingly difficult due to the fact that I didn't have any circs the right size, couldn't get to the likeliest store, and so ended up attaching some purple plastic tubing to the ends of the plastic dpns with some stickytape - have replaced each end once so far, am desperate to get to the Big Red Spot but am stuck here with these snotty kids,
have been scratching the Spring Urges by turning the compost heap, and digging sheep poo into garden beds, and planting seeds like:
salad mixes
lettuce mesclun mix
cos/butterhead lettuce
beans, bush
beans, climbing
peas, bush
peas, climbing
spring onions
broccoli, purple sprouting
reclaimed potatoes
and probably a few other things here and there....

Time has also been taken up with dog walks, usual gym visits (except yesterday - see kids, above), washing, avoiding housework, tripping around the place (one Saturday, but the knock-on effect of holiday-ish lethargy was huge), and trying to get to bed by 10pm without being interrupted by SBS (sad baby syndrome).
I have lots of other stuff to tell you, but I must attack Miss 1 with a tissue, and do another load of washing, and unpack the dishwasher, and put away dry things, and sweep and clean the floor, and try to decide whether I should or shouldn't allow Miss 4 to go to dancing today, seeing as how she has a cough too and it would mean exposing everyone to Miss 1 also.....
Don't you wish you had my life, just for today?????
(I'm actually not as tired, depressed or negative as that sounds - just a bit bored!)