Friday, September 14, 2007

Here, Knitty Knitty Knitty!

Friday's First email: Knitty Fall!!!
so far:
Henry - intriguing, nice looking fabric, wonder who would wear it in my fambly?
Tussie Mussie - fabulous name! cute cardi
Roam - I think I need a hoodie!
Mr Greenjeans - No, I need this cardi first!!!
Boxed - hmm, I sense possibilities here...
Flower Power - ooh ooooh!
Pecan Pie - Fascinating technique
Urchin - Like this one!
Totally Autumn - hot stuff!!
Diamond Waffle Socks - oh, now there's a pair of socks I could con the MOMD into wearing!
Back to Basics - this could be my next self-striping sockyarn sock, the toe looks great for my blunt-ended feet, and I like the v-neck ribbing :>
Woodins - considering my fambly's addiction to Miyazaki animated movies (Tottoro, The Cat Returns, Princess Mononoke - from which the idea may have sprung), I don't see how I can avoid making these!

Verdict: Must log on to Ravelry and start queuing! Now!!!! Oh my twitchy fingers - what a mega dose of startitis!!! How could she do this to me??? AAAArrrgggghhhh - mmm, chocky, tea....coping better...wool... needles...calming down...calm, still, peaceful...monkey socks will make help me through.....

PS: What's the bet that 2paw already has a favourite? After all, it's (partially)named after her signature colour!! :>