Monday, September 03, 2007

There was Knitting In Public this weekend!

Saturday afternoon was S'n'B, so I jauntily headed off, only 15 minutes late, to collect Penni and head into the city. About 3 blocks from my house I realised that I had not double-checked the directions to Penni's house, and couldn't quite remember the number either - all I had lurking behind my eyeballs was "turn right in front of the Caltex" and "about 300m" :{
But I had confidence in my ability to find her house anyway, and I was already late, and I didn't have me phone so I couldn't call home to get help from the MOMD, so merrily I continued along, found the right street and cruised along in it in as suspicious a manner as is possible in a suburban 4WD wagon. No joy, so around the block and back for a second pass - starting to feel pretty silly... Parked the car (after being looked at funny by the guy putting catalogues in people's mail boxes - the drive-by look as performed by scatty female on a Sat afternoon? weird...) and got out to walk back up the hill in search of a red car like Penni drove last time, or failing that, inspiration! I had an idea that #29 was close, so I knocked on the door and asked the lady, very definitely not a relative of Penni's, whether she knew a Penni who lived around here, has a young baby? She said hm, maybe, there was one living up there (vague wave up and left), but she didn't think that that was the name... So I asked if I could borrow her phone book for a minute, and discovered that Penni's house was number 30!! Furthermore, it was just up and to the left a bit!!!! (You wouldn't believe how difficult it can be to guess street numbers in Hobart - geographic proximity has little relationship with numerical order on opposite sides of the road!!!) So I ran straight back up the 45* angle path, blessing the past year's gym membership with every footfall, and started to dash down to the car so I could take it back up the road to Penni's place, but was halted mid-asphalt by Penni waving at me from her driveway ;P So I confessed my sins, and we sauntered down to the car (it's pretty hilly here, thus the ups and downs), and headed into the city to a trendy place called JamPacked (a cute pun which would take far too long to describe right now), to greet the peeps and get stuck into caffeine, cake and KIP!
At the s'n'b, I displayed my awesome Rock Candy Socks, to much admiration (thank you, thank you!), ordered tea and a brownie (and a truffle - but it was really small), and got out my First Ever Ballband Dishcloth, hoping I only had eight rows to go, so that I could triumphantly cast-off halfway through the s'n'b, and start my next pair of socks (printing out the pattern for which being one of the many reasons I was late). Penni, with painful truthfulness, told me that there are usually 13 brick rows, so I actually had 20 rows to go, not merely eight :P
I was not deterred: I had set myself a limit (a very tiny, barely there limit): no new cast-on till the dishcloth was done!! Then the tea and brownie arrived, and there was sipping and nibbling, there was scintillating conversation (yes Helen, I agree, the current Martha Jones was the chicky who became a CyberWoman in the previous series, and Saturday night's Doctor Who was excellent!!), there was knitting, there was tinking, and at the end of two hours, I had 1 row and the cast-off left to do:so close, so so close
An evening in front of Doctor Who (which was really really exciting so 1 row and casting off 45 stitches took the whole 45 minutes) and I have something pretty to show in the Sunday sunshine:Pretty pretty spring colours
After Doctor Who I was allowed to start my next pair of socks - any guesses on the pattern? (not you, Penni!)
something's begun