Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sock on!!

I have so many things to blog about but will keep to socks for the moment - more likely to be finished before I'm needed again!
The Mermaid Socks:
partway down the Mermaid leg(!)

And the Broadripple Socks have been christened: I give you, Stormy Rainbows!
Stormy Rainbows on model
Last night was a sad sad night in tv land, so we watched "Flood", the Brit answer to all cataclysmic weather movies (the storm involved even came from across the water, having apparently hit Maine first). This movie stretched the credulity limits in many many ways, but the best moment was a blue helicopter trying to land in heavy rain - for a few moments it wobbled against a grey background with water drops spraying past it, and the MOMD and I looked at each other and cried "Thunderbirds are go!". While watching and mocking this movie, I went all the way from just above the heel-flap to turning the heel and getting through a couple of rounds of the gusset, so I think that there is now a *special connection* between the storm theme and my socks ;>