Monday, November 12, 2007

The Good News Is...

I finished it.
You can't tell that the last moss green row is only half as thick, but you can see that picking up from the cast-on edge and doing a three-needle bind-off does not work with this garter-stitch fabric.

The Bad News?
It is not fit for Human Hattage. It fits a Madagascar Penguin.
Penguin Cosy
I believe, as does the relevant page in Knitting Rules, that this hat is meant to be a teacosy.

Do you want to know the Great News???
the Chocky Tychus was a success!!
Chocky Tychus
I can't show you the wearer's face, because he is not a dentist :>

Comments Housekeeping:
Kate: It's not paranoia when you've got proof of persecution!!!

Carol: Thank you, but my cunning plan allowed me to get to the end of that *&^$#$%^&* row. And I really do have a big head. 57cm. 22 1/2". Plenty of brain-room, for when it grows back.

Nat: Thank you. I like to believe that the knittyverse directed your vibes towards me finishing the Chocky Tychus with panache, and the Penguin Cosy with persistence. I will not be beaten by my own needles and wool!!!

Esther: Friends like to make friends feel good :)