Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Hat Is Out To Get Me.

I'm not exaggerating.
how do I know this?
Well, first I tried to knit it on the way from Hobart to Hay last Christmas, "finished" at 2am Christmas morning, and it looked like this:

so then I frogged it, and rummaged for more yarn.
I sorted my stash and labelled things.

I choose something to set off the green stripes, and got stuck in on Monday night. Nearly ran out of blue, found more; found more dark green, too, thanks to the preceeding 2 hour Sort-A-Thon.
But then, this:
So so close, and yet14 stitches from the end

Do I have any more moss green? NO!!! And the super-sorted stash has no places to hide anymore!!! AAARRRGGGGGgghhhhhhh.......

So. You want hear the rest of it? I hate the edge.
the ugly edge
And it is going to be roomy even on my not-so-dainty noggin. I believe that its destiny is to be an amazing all-over teacosy.
How will I finish it though??? I will undo the last 20 stitches, cut one strand of yarn, knit to the end of the row with the single strand (at this point, single instead of double-stranded is far preferable to hunting for 50cm of tapestry yarn in a matching shade. I'm over it), do the last dark green, finish the last deep blue, 3-needle bind-off, weave in the ends and call it quits. If BIL still wants it, yippee!!! Otherwise I will crochet over that hideous edge in dark blue and pop it in my kitchen. Or my Mum's. Or even my MIL's. (She is wanting teacosies, but more on that anon)

So what do I do for the BIL??
Finish the Chocky Tychus instead!

See how the size will be better?Hat on Hat

See the excellent edge??The nice edge

See the two whole balls I have handy to finish the one-third I have to go???2/3 of a Tychus

Wish me luck.

I need it.