Thursday, November 29, 2007

What I Did This Week

the Real Reason Why There Aren't Any Interesting Photos to Share
by A Knitter.

This afternoon, the lovely M & FIL arrive for a fast visit (they leave on Tues), during which we will drink many cups of tea and eat necessary numbers of bikkies and assorted treats (stay tuned for recipes to delight your tastebuds and dismay your waist), witness the shaving of the Movember Mo, have the first installment of Christmas (probably on Sat morning), attend and be enthralled by Miss 4's dance concert (and by the MOMD performing in the Dads' Dance!!), fit a Christmas mini-feast in there somewhere, talk gardens, pets, family and friends, possibly move the cubby house to a different spot in the backyard to block our view of the living room windows of the villa being built behind us, take dogs for walks, and generally have a lovely time.
Shopping - $150 and one hour at the Salamanca Markets, and I came home with prezzies for S & BIL, Mum, MIL, and teacosy swap partner.
Housecleaning - not manic, but enough to make it possible to walk on 90% of the floors without sticking to it or stepping on a painful (and broken) plastic toy.
Mending - a pile of items from the cupboard which have been waiting my attention for quite some time have now been hemmed, patched, or are on their way to new waistbands and buttons.
Curtains - the above was curtain-avoidance. I am running out of excuses.
Kitchen - more cleaning, especially since the ants chose yesterday to remind me that I haven't silicon-sealed the gaps where the cabinetry, benchtop and wall would meet if it weren't for the gaps. Cue removing all items from several cupboards, playing with the weird ratchet-gun thing for squeezing out silicon stuff, tidying up and putting it all away again. Still wondering how to insert ant poison into the gaps first without spreading it all through my plastics cupboard. Wish me luck.

**** MUM!!! SKIP THE REST OF THIS!!!!! ****

Knitting - has been happening, just not on anything I can show you yet. I have half a tea-cosy for my MIL, which was meant to be done in May - am starting to get the worries about my off-the-cuff design, so may just display and ask for input.
I have done 1 1/2 lovely facewashers for MIL, in some creamy Heirloom cotton, and they are turning out so soft and beautiful!! (I'll put pics up on Ravelry very soon) Patterns here (Yvonne's Double Flower) and here (Doily Style). Try them - so easy and so pretty!
I am 2/3 through a nice horseshoe-lace style back-scrubber-without-the-straps extra long washer for my Mum (as per discussions) - pattern from a Lily Sugar'n'Cream booklet from my Dishrag Tag team member. (Also pic on Ravelry soon - I know Mum can't get in there!!)
Am dithering about purple cardi - what with the way the bamboo/cotton stretches out widthways, am considering going down a needle size. May need to reswatch, after visitors go.

So. Sadly, no knitty pictures, but I know you will all forgive me. If I can extract a promise of good behaviour from my Mum, I may be able to post pics of her gift before Xmas, otherwise you'll just have to wait for non-xmas knitting activities to resume!

Good luck to all who are knitting/buying/wrapping/writing/sending to postal deadlines!!