Friday, December 07, 2007

Brace yourself Bridget*

...there's plenty to catch up on, so here's the first in a series of What I Did While I Wasn't Blogging About It posts.

First knitting items:

flowers for my MIL

Some flowers for my MIL's birthday (24th Dec), which open out to reveal:

Double Flower washer and Single flower washer

The instrucctions were found on the Dishcloth Boutique site, where you will find amongst the many treasures: Yvonne's Double Flower pattern on page 3 of the Knitting Patterns, and the single flower Doily Style pattern on page 2.

I knitted the two facewashers out of Heirloom 8ply cotton in a cream colour (from stash), and it came out so beautifully! 4mm casein dpns, which was a little awkward at the 'cast on 8 sts and join to work in the round' stage, and I think it might be easeir to manipulate, and make a flatter centre, if those first 2~3 rounds were worked on needles a smidgen smaller.
Mods: I added an extra lace round before doing the edging on the Doily Style washer, just to bring the petals to a definite point. I think I'd like to add an edging round to the Double Flower one the next time I make it, just to give it a little more of a finished look, if you see what I mean.
These were quick and fairly easy - if you've knitted a hat in the round, you'll have no problems!! They came out at about 18~ 20 grams each, so I have a little bit of cotton left over - colour-work washers, anyone??

Second knitting items:

Raspberry Fetchings - at last!!

These Raspberry Fetchings were started way back in the Great Fetch-a-thon of Dec '06, but the intended recipient has slightly larger hands than I do, and requested a bigger pair. Fortunately, we visited Miss 1's namesake Great Great Great Aunty V (91 and powering on), who is a knitter herself, and she was very taken with them, they fit her, she loves the colour and the bobbles of the picot edges, so on Tuesday (yes, 11 1/2 months after they were cast on) I wove in the ends and wrapped them up in raspberry cellophane like a giant bonbon, and sent them to her via the MIL - I hope she will get some use out of them next winter.

There is lots more to tell you (another FO, the exponentially-expanding nature of Xmas lists, the Dance Concert, the visitors, the germs, the thing I cast on the other day that I knew I shouldn't have but did anyway.... and still more), but the ham bones need skimming (ham and potato soup tonight to chase away rainyday gloom and fight off those germs), and I may have to convince myself to do the tiniest teensy bit of housework before lunch.
And I have to take photos of some of the Things I Want To Blog About.
So this will have to do for now!

*for the slightly perplexed, the title comes from a creakingly old joke:
Q: What's the Irish definition of foreplay?
A: Brace yourself, Bridget.
(boom boom)