Sunday, December 09, 2007

An achieving day..

Between 9am and 4pm, despite the 5.16 wakeup and the getting up late for breakfast and the generally feeling sorry-for-self, I managed to:

  • feed and dress self
  • feed dogs
  • wash, trim and dry dogs
  • put dog and other towels in to soak
  • shift compost to make new vege bed
  • sow summer seeds in 3 different vege beds (from small to med. sized)
  • remember to write down what I put where in my garden book
  • give the oven a bit of a clean
  • unpack the dishwasher
  • wipe out the new steam vaporiser whatsit
  • do a repeat on my sock
  • remember to run the dishwasher through a cleaning cycle
  • answer a couple of emails
  • brush the dogs
  • spend far too long looking at (and downloading) amigurumi patterns, with the overexcited assistance of 2 out of 3 children.
So now what? The MOMD is in charge of dinner - though I don't know whether it should count as 'cooking dinner' when he's using leftovers in the fridge - so I am not on duty till washtime (other than normal fight-ending, nose-chasing, yell-shushing, toy-finding, non-specific parenting activities). I know! How 'bout I put on a podcast, and knit???

Good idea.