Friday, December 07, 2007

Shimmer-trails and a Celadon Glaze

These have been the accessories of unfortunate circumstance - Miss 1 1/2 caught the cold that kept Mr 7 home the previous week, and for the past week I wouldn't have needed an ankle-bracelet GPS to track her - the bubbly cough and grizzles announced her whereabouts every fifteen minutes. Picking her up resulted in that personal touch of shimmer across shoulder and down the boob, and due to scruffing her hands across nose while asleep, she needed a good wash after every sleep to remove the fine, slightly crazed glaze that looked (but did not smell) like an expensive rejuvenating mask......

Praise be to rest, fresh food and baby panadol, she is much, much better. I will be much, much better when she stops waking me up at 5.16 am and not going back to sleep again.

Yesterday morning I took a me-time (which I actually need way, way more today), and took computer, knitting, tea, biscottini, dark chocolate and snuggly shawly thing in to the tv room, shut the door, and watched 'the Holiday' a second time. Awesome movie!!! For once the blurb did not lie - I could happily add this one to my shelf to sit beside 'Love Actually'. Very enjoyable romcom chick flick, and I got a nice double flower facewasher gifty done in front of it ( it took two viewings because the movie was too good to look away from).

Now I'm on to the next facewasher gifty thing, this time making it up a little as I go... I've also got a nice sock on the needles, pic later when I've had the next cup of tea :>