Sunday, December 30, 2007

Let This Be A Lesson To Me...

Self-disciplined preparation does not begin and end with the stocking stitch swatch.

In fact, a sensible person, one who has learned many times over the past 34 years, in many different arenas - cooking, sewing, studying, driving, teaching, having babies and even when knitting - that one should ALWAYS READ EVERY WORD OF THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE GOING ANYWHERE NEAR THE MATERIALS.

However, that person obviously went on holidays, leaving me to play with my new yarn, new needles, pretty swatch and lovely pattern, and I COMPLETELY MISSED THIS BIT:

This of course explains why my nearly beautiful fabric still looks bunched up and lumpy even when stretched out on my foot:

Roseleaf sock 1.3

Pass me the Maya Gold.

There's going to be some frogging today.