Monday, January 07, 2008


I will not be cowed by the Imp Of Dropped Stitches.
I will not surrender to the Sprite of Not Paying Attention to Gauge, Length or Important Instructions.

I will frog, rip and tink every mistake until I get it right.
I will knit with perseverance and enthusiasm.

With these guidelines, I will knit socks like these:

Salty Toes 3.3

Salty Toes, a chevron pattern based on the Welt Fantastic instructions in Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. The Tofutsies yarn is striping up beautifully!! The line of waste yarn is for my interpretation of the forethought-afterthought heel: I've knit across one half of the stitches with waste yarn, and am now knitting a simple heel around and around (though it isn't striping as cutely as I had hoped), and when I'm done, I will go back, undo the waste yarn and pick up the live stitches, and knit on down the foot!

Roseleaf 2.2

Roseleaf Sock, in Cherry Tree Hill yarn from Tink, which is going beautifully now, and ready for a heel - if I can find the needles that charming smallest daughter pulled out of my knitting!!!! (Lucky she's so cute, else she'd be in serious trouble)

In other news, I went to my s'n'b on Saturday, which ended up being only four of us, so we talked knitting and Xmas and small kids and life in general, and managed to knit despite the heat (33*C is pretty hot for Hobart). It is so great having friends to share this interest with - and wonderful, too, that some of our group are at the same stage of family life, because small kids loom so large!!!
Hope you all have a happy knitty week!