Friday, January 11, 2008

Busy week...

This was the last week of my parents' visit, and so the last chance for the MOMD and I to go away by ourselves..
So on Tuesday we kissed the kids goodbye and set off to Launceston, to take advantage of a prize of one night's accomodation in a 5 star room at the Country Club. We stopped for lunch when we felt like it (no kids raising hungry wails in the back), and talked and listened to music and I finished a present for a friend:

Catherine's Washer
Ombre Lace pattern from K1, P1 Keeping You in Stitches

We wandered around Launceston for a while in the late afternoon, then went out to the Country Club to book in and freshen up for dinner. Back into the city, and strolled around to Toro's on York Spanish restaurant - awesome food and service! Then on to the movies - the Golden Compass - Wow!!! Want to see my daemon?

Back in our room, there was sleep that was not disturbed by children at any point, and waking up when we (emphatic expletive adjective) felt like it - 9am!!! So much sleep!! Waking up with no headache/tiredness/grumpiness!!! Oh so so blissful!!!
Ablutions - 5 separate showerheads make you feel very well-washed.
Waiting for the MOMD, I started winding my Bruised Plum sockyarn into a skein, listening to lime'n'violet, cup of tea at my elbow, seat in the sunshine... oh such a nice start to the day!!
Breakfast - the ordinary hotel buffet - I'd recommend skipping it and going into town to one of the classier cafes.
Off we went, me winding more skein into balls in the car:Car skein winding

Found ourselves in Deloraine, and bought excellent lunch from the Deloraine Gourmet Cafe, then on to Liffey Falls. We saw birds:
female blue wren
my friend the beeA bumblebee thought I was very exciting, and zoomed around me for at least 5 minutes, had a quick tour of the MOMD's head and shoulders, and eventually zoomed off, leaving me giggling, especially when I then found a caterpillar on my hat! So much wildlife, and we hadn't gotten past the picnic tables yet!! check your hat
(note: bee pic was edited online using picnik via flickr - AWESOME TOOL!!!!)

We took the trail down to the falls, through stands of tree ferns and sassafras, past mini-cascades, and down to the beautiful falls themselves:
Liffey Falls

After lots of sloshing in swift cool water, back up we went, warming up as we tackled the slope. Into the car, and back onto the road, winding through the Great Western Tiers, past the Great Lake and some truly stunning scenery, past communities of shacks (a peculiarly Tasmanian approach to holiday houses), until we ended up at Bothwell, notable for the first golf course in Australia, apparently :)
By 6pm we were nearing New Norfolk, and only an hour from home. We watched the country changing yet again, and braved the outskirts of suburbia, arriving safe home at last to house full of hugs, kisses, and a beef roast on the table!! (yay Mum!)

We had a fabulous day and a half away, had lots of time to talk and hold hands and reassure ourselves that 9 1/4 years of marriage, three kids, some job changes, post-grad study and a shift of several thousand kilometres to Tasmania have all been good things, that we are still good friends, good partners, and the love we need to make it all work is big and strong and wonderful.