Thursday, January 24, 2008

um... well... can't be bothered with a title...

I got up grumpy today (combined efforts of the small daughters around midnight, then again at 6.30), and stiff (yoga-ish Body Balance last night, on top of the previous day's weights-and-xtrainer). The MOMD has taken the camera so I have to use the ordinary one to take the extra special pictures that must be taken today. The kids are slightly fractious. The vacuuming can no longer be avoided, ditto toilets and mopping the kitchen.
Someone save me pleeeeeeaaaase.....

So, to distract me and you, how about I share a little something funny? With the enthusiastic encouragement of the MOMD (you go, I'll do the kids' showers and dinner and stories and everything, what time do you want to eat?) I went to the yoga-ish, pilates-ish Body Balance class at the gym yesterday evening. I love these classes, I love the stretching and the breathing and how I feel afterwards (except for the stiffness the next day!). We had our class, I stretched and twisted and pushed and bent and got plenty of exercise, and then we had the relaxation tracks. As the music changed to less meditative, more reawakening rhythms, I started thinking about how glad I was that I had put my socks back on, since I was starting to feel the change in temperature now that I had cooled down. Since they were my Stormy Rainbow socks, that led naturally to current knitting, which led to thinking about making something for the incipient niece-or-nephew, which led to thinking about the older nephew whose birthday is in June (excellent woolly weather) which led me to think that he might need a zip-up vesty thing from the Debbie Bliss book I borrowed from the library - all of which occurred in about a minute, as we were getting ready to rejoin the real world.
So, I exercised, I felt good about myself, and I started to plan a new knitting project. Take from that what you will.
(I feel a bit better now. I call it Broadband Therapy)