Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What happened to my evening knitting time??

It has taken me till after 10pm to be able to sit down to anything even moderately knit-related. There were kids. Dinner. Dishes. Laundry. Goodnights. {I said go to bed. Lie down. Lie down! No more noises!!} Gave up and took Miss 18mths for a long walk, brought her back at 9 good and sleepy, only for Miss 4 to wail after me down the hallway and jolt Miss 18mths out of imminent slumber. Sort out Miss 4. Sort out Miss 18mths. Change into pjs and generous dressing gown (I made it for wearing in the maternity ward - it is really, really generous.) Enter kitchen. Discover mouse on recon mission on top of dishwasher. Call the MOMD. Put kettle on. Discover ants going beserk for the pumpkin/peas/corn saucepan. Show the MOMD the mouse evidence. Pulling out of dishwasher and emptying of cupboards. Unpack dishwasher a bit while it is in the centre of the kitchen. Make cup of tea. Use extra water to boil ants. Mop up the spills. Give up on it all and turn on the computer. After the MOMD has come in to read my emails over my shoulder, there is a doom-to-rodents kind of snap from the kitchen. Yes! One tiny win against the minuses of the evening.