Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teeth-grinding, nail-nibbling, finger-twitching ITCH TO KNIT

I've been feeling creatively frustrated today - slow start after a dose of can't-sleeps (probably dark choc induced), then there was the normal round of cleaning up after ants, making an apricot upside-down cake (hmm, not so fab), starting to make apricot jam (it is a bit caramelised-tasting, but quite ok for a first effort that was forgotten on low for about an hour), all the normal Sunday stuff, plus painting some shelves (I'm searching for the perfect vermilion), and much of it while listening to podcasts, driving me crazy with the itch to throw myself into a bath of stashed yarn and strenuously resist all attempts to get me out!!!
I want to swatch, I want to do the numbers for my idea for a fab chunky-rib vest with asymmetrical cabling, I want to get on with CeCe, I want to start four different socks, I want to get on with my Roseleaf socks now that the MOMD has solved the Case of the Missing DPNs , I want to crank out the foot and toe of Mum's sock, I want to make a whiplash-fast cotton cardi for Violet, I want to cast on about three different cardis for me, I want to play with Jae's Peacock, I want to have another go at making a Monkey (sock), I want to research it all on Ravelry... I want I want I want

and yet...

I can't seem to get started....

So many ideas, and challenges, and oughts, that I feel like my mental knittiverse is filled with fractal images fed into a kaleidoscope that is spinning in a willy-willy...

So in the interests of getting somewhere, I give you out-of-date pics of progress on Salty Toes:
Salty Cuff and Heel
It is now halfway down the foot, only 5.5cm to go till starting the toe.

I can also share with you the reason for the noticeable lack of progress on my Roseleaf sock: last Saturday, I took it to s'n'b to share the pretty around, and upon returning home put the Jar'O'Yarn back on the dining table. Apparently, I did not put it far enough away from the reach of darling daughter V (18mths), who is fascinated by anything which has the potential to wound or maim her should she fall on top of it while carrying it around the house. To whit: I discover on Sunday night the total absence of two of the five KnitPicks dpns, xmas gift from Penni, which have obviously been pulled right out of the knitting through the hole in top of the Jar'O'Yarn, leaving stitches temporarily adrift, and me contemplating a trip to the LYS in Moonah. With only three needles I couldn't take my sock tripping with us, so it stayed home, patiently waiting for destiny to arrive.
Yesterday morning, Destiny and the Knitting Gods smiled upon me, and again proved the incalculable worth of the Man of My Dreams: he had emptied out the recycling wheelie bin in order to pack it properly and fit more in, and guess what he found down the very very bottom??? My needles!!! DD, as well as carrying things around, likes to put them in boxes - just like the box for recyclables which sits next to the fridge. Cleaned, shiny, and **squee** pointy!!!! they are back in the Jar'O'Yarn waiting for me to get my mojo on and do the heel!!!

As you can imagine, I am very relieved.

And the Jar'O'Yarn is on the Top Shelf!!!

Tea, nibbles, and some playing with yarn and Ravelry. I'm looking forward to a nice hour to finish off my Sunday.

Bring on 2008!