Saturday, February 16, 2008

No idea, really...

So, Friday night, kids are (nominally at least) in bed, 15mins till the movie of Pride & Prejudice begins, quite some time since I blogged, but no idea, really, what anyone would like to know about!
Monday was a public holiday here in Hobart, so we day-tripped - stopped in Dunalley for morning tea with an ex-coworker of the MOMD, then went to Port Arthur for a belated picnic lunch and an afternoon wandering around the the lawns, gardens, ruins and displays. I took the current sock(s), but completely forgot to photograph them. Major moments of excitement included the sight of my DS liberally smeared with mud from right shoulder down the sides to the shoelaces of both sneakers. (I'm allowed to show the grandparents the pic, but not blog it, apparently) We are trying to indicate to him that checking the state of the ground ahead of him is advisable before hurtling down a hill at full speed. Failure to do so instantly causes an enormous mud patch to invade the grass at the base of the slope just as he approaches it at top speed.
Port Arthur Historic Site is a fascinating experience of the convict and colonial history of the early European settlers. We have a two-year pass, and hope to use it several more times before it runs out - DS particularly asked to go back again next school holidays!
Wednesday was an historic day for Australia - the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised to the victims of past laws which separated full-blooded and half-caste children from their Aboriginal families, with the aim of forcibly 'assimilating' them into the dominant white culture. I sat with my oblivious children and listened to the promise of governance within an ethical framework, of politics that seeks to reflect the wishes of the population, and to the hope of a concerted effort to stop the dreadful statistics of infant mortality rates, abuse of too many kinds, economic isolation, and health and education inadequacies. It gave me some hope that there are those who would govern for the benefit of the nation, rather than for the thrills of playing the games of politics.
This week, I also read books (one till so late last night it was well into this morning). I did not do much socking, however I made a yarn muffin (like a yarn cake, but hand-wound and much more rustic) and a swatch. The MOMD is making eyes at my swatch, disregarding the hot-pink flashes, and I may have to resort to devious strategems (a whole-family sock-dyeing adventure day) in order to keep my beautiful Las Vegas to myself!
Las Vegas here I come!

***the next day***
I got caught up last night watching the movie of Pride and Prejudice, and am still fighting my own prejudices so that I can try to make an objective judgement! I have seen the BBC series, and read the book, so many times that it is really difficult to appreciate the movie without making negative comparisons. That said, some aspects were very good - the scenery, the Bennets' house... I'm not convinced that Keira Knightley was the ideal Lizzie, and I'm really diappointed that Dame Judy Dench was given so little opportunity to rampage around as Lady Catharine de Burgh!
My Roseleaf socks are growing apace, and I am ready to put the heel in the second of Mum's Salty Toes. This morning saw the sock yarn box opened up and plans made for finishing socks for DD#1, making socks for DD#2, dyeing yarn to make (gasp!) socks for the MOMD (gasping over both his interest, and that he wants the leg to be as long as the foot - 11 1/4 inches!!). Now however 'tis time to get on with posting this, loading the car with progeny and provisions, and heading off to the nursery - small birch trees on sale at $11 apiece!