Friday, February 08, 2008

So before we get to this Saturday

Let's talk about last Saturday!

Tink and family were visiting Hobart for the weekend, which naturally involved a flurry of emails regarding going to stitch'n'bitch, the markets, and possibility of stash enhancement. Tink and co found our house mid-morning, our various offspring considered the possibilities for playing with great solemnity (ie they stared at each other for a while before remembering when our family visited Tink's house last year), and I put the kettle on. Tink, Her Accountant, the MOMD and I sat down to chat, drink, munch, and play show-and-tell - well, you can guess who was involved in that last bit! Tink produced her travel knitting bag, with glories such as the Noropup sock, the Mystery Sock, the Vog-Ons, the Red Bird Every-Other-Month Sock Club Kit, and a full range of Harmony dpns - and then expected me to Give Them All Back!!!! In (revenge) return, I shared some books from my shelves, a number of WIPs (making her drool with my L&L Clapotis), and gave her a little b'day prezzie. This had been a little tricky to achieve, as when I sat down to make the prezzie, I discovered that the presser foot was missing from my sewing machine! ARRRRKKK!!! Miss V was the most probable culprit, but has she hasn't yet learned to speak, the chances of a successful interrogation were miniscule. I gave up hope, rang various shops to no immediate avail, and sewed almost everything with teh zipper foot. (Don't ask me about the tension.) (Material or Emotional.) And on top of all this drama, Tink gave me a prezzie - the woman is nuts! (But welcome any time her generous heart desires!) I now have a new Liberty floral pot-and-cup set (pics later - if I try to do it now you won't get this till next Thursday).
Aaaaaanyway, we had a nice time chatting and giving the hubbies and children time to get acquainted, then Tink and I made a wild bid for freedom, and headed for the city! We spent a couple of hours wandering around Salamanca Markets, poking around in the Spindletree, and then made our way to the Feb meeting of More Stitchin' Than Bitchin' (click on over for some excellent pics - can you spot my Rav tshirt?). A fun time was had by all, WIPs were admired, styles discussed, and we welcomed a new person - Kirra, who was found on Ravelry! We headed home at 4, somewhat reluctant to return to lively children and no knitting time :P The hubbies had done an outstanding job, children were intact and still being cooperative (woweee!), and Tink and co stayed on for a bbq dinner with wine and talk and bursts of laughter.
I know our family had a lovely time, the MOMD at no point said 'never again' (which means I am quite happy to dob him in for babysitting in the future), and Tink seems to have enjoyed herself :>
SO much fun. I wonder what this weekend will bring?