Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lots of pics to make up for recent lack

Note to self: tv plus new YO shortrow heel technique are not always a match made in knitting heaven.
Can you spot the errors?

Some quality time with knitting, iPod, Stash and Burn podcast on the floor yesterday morning, and voila! Much more beautiful heel :>
I fixed it!

Playing with CeCe sleeve, though I may have to go smaller - this yarn relaxes a lot after washing, and the sleeve is not tight at all, so I'm starting the body on smaller needles, working on to see how it fits/stretches, and then I'll do some yarn juggling (I may have yardage issues if I try to do 3/4 sleeves):
CeCe sleeve

And finally, how to have Fun on Sunday with yarn and scissors (and A Plan):
What's all this then?
(ignore any colour weirdness with the reds and purples - it's the camera, not bad taste!)