Saturday, March 29, 2008

You Are Not Forgot!!!

So, my job application is in, so one less thing to worry about on the professional/income front. That just leaves the question of when exactly my registration will be approved, allowing me to be employed as a teacher librarian - will it come through by Tuesday, when I have relief work lined up??? Stay tuned...

Computer woes - apparently not woeful. After some faffing about with invoices, faxes, emails, phonecalls, a new itemised invoice, more phonecalls, emails and confirmation of continued warranty, it appears that the fix-it guys can't find anything wrong with it. I am so glad I didn't have to pay $$$ diagnostic fees to find that out! Picking it up within the hour - yay!! Likelyhood of blogging with pictures this weekend has just increased 100-fold.

Domesticity keeps happening despite my best efforts to ignore the mess. This will also include ferocious tidying and vacuuming of rumpus room, and determined mopping of the kitchen. There will be visitors this week, and my vestigial sense of hospitality includes removing the majority of health hazards from the living areas.

Knitting - there has been some, most notably the turning of the short-row heel on the Jacobean sock. Daughter Tunic needs to be measured against the recipient again to determine shoulder shaping. It is fun and fast and I have no idea why it isn't finished yet. There may also be a baby/toddler sock beside me at the moment, halfway through gusset decreases. I refuse to admit to extra-curricular swatching of Lizard Ridge Hats, nor to the supervising/making of pompoms from acrylic. You can't see it, so it doesn't exist in your reality.

Weather - after the most glorious Easter of warm days and slightly snuggly evenings, Autumn has decided to stop pussyfooting around and to get serious about raining on everyone's parade. We have had showers, drenching rain (specifically, it poured the morning I took the kids with me to the city to take the laptop in for fixing, we walked a block to the shop, back again, got library books, waited at traffic lights, came back out to wait at traffic lights again, all in lots and lots of lovely lovely drenching rain. Miss Nearly-Two had a lovely time splashing her hands in the puddles on the weather-shield of the pram.), more showers, more light and consistent rain, brief sunny and cloudy-but-not-raining patches stretching as far as 16*C (got most of the washing dry), and now another showery day.

And because I haven't got enough to do, I've got very interested in helping to organise a local event for World Wide Knit In Public Day, which may actually turn into a number of events simultaneously across the state, so that no-one gets left out. As soon as we finalise a venue, we will put details on the official site, on the Hobart snb blog, one the blogs of anyone involved, and on various Ravelry forums. There's nothing like teachers for effective spreading of the word, and at last count we have at least seven getting involved in the idea!!!

Ok, time to stop bending your eyeballs with all this prose, so I shall leave you with a Limerick the kids and I invented on the way home from our wet expedition

Humpty Dumpty sat in the rain
All the water gave him a pain
He said to his friend
"I wish it would end,
so we could have sunshine again!!"