Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another month, another sockathon is over..

It may shock you to know that I was so foolish as to join Southern Summer of Socks with the intention of knitting some gobsmacking number of pairs of socks (four? six? I refuse to go back and check - too blush-making!)

It being April, and the whole shebang now being officially over, it is time to sit back and assess...

My creation
one pair of Falling Leaves socks, in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, 'Old Rose' colourway.
75% done: Mum's Salty Toes socks, in Tofutsies
70% done: a pair of toddler socks, for either my DD#2 or my niece, depending on fit, in stash self-patterning Patonyle
45% done: halfway up the leg of the first Jacobean sock, navy Patonyle from stash
24% done: cuff leg and part of heel of one Monkey, in 'Bruised Plum' colourway on Hercules sock yarn from the Jolly Jumbuck
20% done: cuff and leg of one Welt Fantastic, neglected since early Dec after a truly disastrous first attempt at a heel
2% done: cuff and top of leg for knee-high socks for DD#1 (as requested), in Tofutsies - however, this will be frogged and restarted on larger needles - I am not going to kill myself knitting her knee-highs on 2mm needles. Nu-uh. Not this Mum. No way.
2% done: tip of tow of a pair of socks for the MOMD, in Moda Vera Socks from Spotties, self-striping (kind-of) in orange, brown, indigo and a splash of purple, with a bit of white now and then so you can see the difference - $5 for 100gm, cheap for handknits socks for a husbeast.
1% done: small swatch of more Jolly Jumbuck sock yarn, this time 'Las Vegas'

Untouched since I forget when - 35% of a pair of Mermaid socks - I want to do the heel before I work out where to do the toe, and just haven't gotten there yet.
Also untouched - 65% of a pair of socks for DD#1, languishing in a bag since last winter. And they're only ankle-length. And she's a small five yr old.

While I did not actually get on with any (I think) of the patterns I originally planned on, I did learn a number of new techniques, I've learned new cast-ons and cast-offs, done something a little lacy, am doing something textured, and am learning more about what methods and needles and so forth I like to use. This winter I'll be a little more realistic, perhaps just focussing on turning all partials into pairs... and then I'll be all ready to start next year's SSoS!!