Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holidays mean Selfish Knitting Time!!!

That is the sound of me celebrating the end of Term 1, the end of my first month of fulltime employment, the imminent end of my three week conference, and the beginning of three weeks of night-time freedom to K-N-I-T !!! (And maybe read and watch a little tv, but really, it is getting pretty cool down here, and I still don't have a hat or any Fetchings or Dashings or suchlike, and it is high time I got me some fingerless action!!!)

And although some domestic martyrdom cannot be avoided, my afternoon rewarded me with two hours of bonus snb cafe trialling, where I showed off my progress on this:

So close to the toe!

Isn't it going well? Do you want to see the pretty pretty Eye of Partridge heel I did?

Berlin with Eye of Partridge heel

I have done my duty - first blog post of my holidays. Now I can go to the lounge chair, guilt-free, with tea, bikkie, knitting and some kind of movie or podcast or something, and enjoy the rest of my evening under multiple rugs.

Yes, it is getting cold. The red tights were very necessary this morning as we headed into the fog and freezing breeze to watch DS play half-field hockey on the grass grounds on the other side of the river. Must make mitts ASAP - very hard to get very far with my hat while my fingers are freezing off.

And maybe I'll have some hat progress to show you tomorrow.


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