Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend knitting update

Hi folks - yet another brief note to let you know I'm here, I'm more or less compos mentis, I have had the occasional knitting moment this weekend (but sadly none during the week). Proof:
Second Salty heel
that was yesterday - now the grafting is done and I'm ready to unpick those stitches and knit the foot - yes, you read that right - I did the leg, then the heel and am doing the foot on the waste stitches - same process, no angst over sizing!

And also:
Berlin at four repeats
no this is not designed to be part of an ongoing 'how weird can my feet look in photos' kind of post-modern pictorial essay, so don't even try it!
That is another outdated pic from yesterday - after testing the leg length, I knitted a lovely lovely Eye of Partridge heel flap, 3 st garter edge, and turned it, (numbers right on the second go), and the bouncing diamond matrix texture of the EofP just makes me deliriously happy!!!
No, you can't see it yet.
Why not?
Because I refuse to humiliate my beautiful EofP heel by photographing pale grey yarn under weak yellowish 60watt bulbs.
So ner.

And maybe if you start being nicer about my excellent decision-making I might share with you a little something I've been doing at DS's half-field hockey... hints: red/purple, alpaca, accessory, with cables.

Show you next week :>

PS the eConference is fun, though time consuming (not that you hadn't guessed that already). Time to read the conference papers, to think about them (really), to read what other people have posted on the forum, to respond and add my own ideas and questions, to go back and check past discussions, to follow the zillions of fabulous links to resources and freeware and bookblogs and web2.0 educational integration projects and and and...
Of no earthly interest to most folks outside the education/school library/web2.0 addict range of peeps, so I'll say no more.

time to make tea, find bikkie, grab knitting, and switch on GA.

Have a great week, knitty peeps!