Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's Going On Chez Moi?

There've been curtains (many more than this):


There was snb last Sat, with an attempt (failed) to capture the photographer in a photograph:

moving targetmoving stripesFocussed littleblackcrow

One and a half knucks for DS:


The toe of the first Berlin - I did a round toe, which looked awful on, so ripped that and am doing a standard wedge toe, but continuing the purl stitches down wither side where you normally have two knit stitches between the decreases:

Berlin Toe, mark 2!

My first dyeing experiments:

Dyeing adventures!

Also lots of cooking, plenty of cafeing, and even one instance of going out to dinner with other adults!!!!! Quite a lot of clothes shopping (nearly finished, just need some work pants), much chatting with Mum, and not as much knitting as I'd like.

On the whole, a pretty good holiday, plenty of household projects off my conscience, some FOs to keep me going and some project fun to keep me happy.

And WWKIP on Saturday to finish it all off in style!

Oh, and have you seen the new Knitty? I heart the Spring Forward socks!