Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Before I Dash Off

I am here, but school has resumed and I am somewhat lacking in time to knit or blog.

I have been working on the toe of my Berlin sock, and it's all bad. I think I need to do another half a repeat of the lace pattern to get the length right before I do the toe. Time to tink again.

I finished knitting my son's Knucks - now to weave in ends and duplicate stitch some lightning strikes onto them.

My hat is the size of a lunch plate. My head is much bigger. Thus I cannot claim to be halfway through yet. Bring on the dinner plate!

I've been reading La Harlot's meditations on journeys to the land of Knitting. I believe I am a consul.

Time to wash, dress, scoff muesli, and head off early, to do some serious desk-taming before people come in and start asking me for things. So much easier to get work done when no-one else is at work!

Last night was bill-paying night. I sat down and worked through the pile of paper, paying some now and scheduling some for the end of the month. It is so nice to be able to do that and not fret about having no cash left over for emergencies or treats. Paid work has some definite benefits :>

Catch you later