Sunday, July 27, 2008

TdFKAL Wrap Up

As the riders in France begin the final, fearsomely anticipated stage of the tour, chez moi it is a time for reflection...
My goal for the Maillot Vert was to design and knit a vest/une tunique for ma petite fille, et voilá l'Ondulation:

ondulation modelled

Verdict? I am really pleased with this! It was knitted in the round, designed on the needles, guesstimated and tinkered around with as it reached the bodice (Miss V let me put it on her for about 10 seconds to check for chest fit 10 days ago), and ended up being a great fit! (I know that Jet relaxes, so it shouldn't be as snug after a wash) The shell stitch edging around the bodice, and more open version around the hem, were my first attempt at edging a knitted item with crochet, and I'm glad I did so - it was not as beautiful without them. The buttons were the best I could do with the range on hand in Spotties, but I doubt I'll bother trying to find better ones - they are turquoise butterflies on a purple background, and very sweet.

And Mamzelle V checking herself out in the mirror was too cute to pass up :>

Pour la bonification, deux versions du Calorimetry:
calorimetry x 2

Et comme les domestiques, qui donnent un peu de la variété, quleques WIPs:
argosycabling oncol de clapotis

I have enjoyed being part of the Tour de France KnitAlong again this year, and being the captain's understudy was great fun! Watching the gorgeous French countryside was very refreshing in the depths of our far less picturesque winter, although a little exhausting what with being on the other side of the globe and supposedly 'working' at my 'job' all day...
Socially speaking, it was lovely to meet a team of new knitty friends, and to take advantage of the many links to surf around the blogs and Rav pages of other KAL participants. It also gave me a new way to surprise and bemuse my new work colleagues (a TdF knit-a-what??), and Ribby Man has had no shortage of admirers amongst the small boys of my acquaintance!
Speaking of that dashing figure, he assures me that the hero of Team Rabobank, Denis "the Menace" Menchov, will be giving him a personal interview about his success in the TdF, so please stay tuned!