Saturday, August 02, 2008

Breaking the Silence...

I am here to blog this important news: I'm still here!

Yes, I've been fairly busy - a few late afternoons/evenings, no early-morning blogging time. Thus the lack of blogging. But there has been some baking, reading and knitting. And snb today which was lovely - about 15 of us (excluding the toddler, infant and newborn!), lots of interesting projects around the table, and seriously tempting offers of a cheap spinning wheel!

Baking: Beer Cake, and also eggless banana muffins. Both excellent.

Reading: Contest, by Matthew Reilly. Rip-roaring read, so long as you are happy to add aliens to Indiana Jones, and suspend critical analysis for the duration (which was about 3 or 4 hours - like I said, rip-roaring read). Also, Awakening, by Bevan McGuiness; classic fantasy - several main characters coming into ancient powers/ trying to stop ancient powers, good vs evil, semi-feudal societies, etc etc. So far it is pretty good.

The segue between reading and knitting? The Rowan Book of Little Knits (or some such title) has some cute little children's knits in it....

Knitting: A few rows here and there on the everlasting Clapotis.
Onto the foot of a monkey sock.
Finishing off a pair of baby/toddler socks for I-know-not-whom because I want those needles.
Frogging of the Rattlesnake Creek sock #1 because a) I cannot stand cables in sockyarn on 2.25mm wooden needles a moment longer, and b) it won't go over my heel. Note the order of the reasons. It is an entirely accurate reflection of my thought processes.

Coming up: more sporadic Clapotis-ing.
Ripping and reknitting the toe of Berlin sock #1. Starting #2. (But not tonight unless I go all non-drinking-ish. Half-a-glass of chardy so far and my typing accuracy is about 36 wpm, 62% accuracy. Not even bronze-medal standard.)
Starting again on the Rattlesnake Creek socks with the newly released KP dpns.
Vesting for me.
Maybe even vesting for Miss 5 (she's been waiting long enough!)
Oh, and that hat that only needs two more inches.
And Miss 2 wants a Calorimetry. (Try typing that while tipsy!)

Where's my Tardis???