Saturday, July 12, 2008

There has been progress...

on TdFKAL knitting:Second wave
(Click here for big)

And I even snuck in a cable or two on my SKP08 Rattlesnake Creek Sock: Snake tail

All that, and no serious housework, a quick trip to the LYS in Moonah wherein I gazed at, fondled, ummed and ahhed over various items (Naturally Vero, Sirdar Sublime, JS Silkroad Aran Tweed, Bizarre (Italian something), Kureyon sock & funky stuff in the bargain box) but walked out with only the two circ cables I went in for!!!!!
Next there was 20 mins poking around an antique place, reading blogs at home, and an afternoon chatting with parents of one of Miss 5's friends at their house over tea and cupcakes, Lemon meringue cupcakes (oh yes), shortbread and smartie and choc-chip bikkies. Now the MOMD is in the kitchen preparing child food, and putting on a lamb roast for us, I have time to blog, and there's nothing much planned for tonight or tomorrow... {cue Julie Andrews} "Somewhere in my youth, or childhood, I must have done something goooooood"