Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday, Sunday...

I took some pics of the house etc today, but I need to work a little more on my thoughts before I show you why I live where I live - so hang in there!

Instead, let me share a (partial) Monkey and an FO:
FO and monkey

The tiny socks were intended to be toddler socks, but came out too small for my small person, and also freakishly long. I ripped the toe (and about another 2cm - freakishly long) from #2, reknitted it to a sensible length, then unpicked the graft on sock #1, ripped back to the corresponding spot where the toe began on #2, and knitted the toe. Then I put them together. Not. The. Same. Size. Two hours of prime knitting time last night spent on ripping, knitting, grafting, ripping, knitting and grafting, for socks that are more like second cousins than siblings. Apparently, not writing down how many rows I used for the heel flap, and then not being able to count the rows correctly due to on-again, off-again version of Eye of Partridge heel, meant that I did not make the heels the same size, so the gussets were not the same size, and I also did the decreases on a different stitch for each sock, and I think #2 is much firmer fabric than #1 - and, all in all, I believe that these socks were destined to be doll's clothes.

But all is not lost. See my Monkey? It is growing.

Wait a moment - what is that corner of white intruding upon my pictorial posing?

Let's take a closer look, shall we?
what's this???


My order from Elann finally arrived - on a Sunday!!! Today's fondling tells me that they are nice strong colours, fairly smooth, not as soft as Patonyle (but what is?), nice medium twist - oh, but wait!
Can you hear that?
Those delicate, enticing voices?
Look! They're jumping out of their skeins to be the first on my needles!
jumping out of their skeins