Sunday, August 31, 2008

Update to the update

(which sounds kind of like pig latin....)

I tacked together the 4 pieces of cardi currently available and tried it on, confirming my suspicions that the sleeve would be a little snug (go the gym-built biceps). Also, being somewhat narrow across the shoulders, the back is a little too wide, which makes for extra fabric at the back of the neck.
Conclusion: there will be maths.
But not today.
I need to try it on again with hubby and measuring tape handy, undo about 6inches down the back, add a few extra decreases, and maybe even scoop the back neck slightly to make things sit nicely when I get to the neckband. Then I'm going to check the numbers on the pattern and knit about a size larger sleeve - extra width gets taken up by the point of the shoulder.
The pattern has one size across the shoulders - 10 inches - and even though I know I am narrower across the shoulders proportionally speaking, I didn't double check this measurement. Everything else (which is what, the fronts????) looks fine.

Ok, time for dinner and delayed Doctor Who.
And some really orange sockyarn!