Monday, September 08, 2008

At least the laundry floor is clean now...

First Monday of the two weeks of the spring school holidays - kids are alternately cranky/boisterous/singing/annoying/whiny/cute/hungry/crying/playing some nice game. There was much washing to do, leading to a bucket in the laundry tub, into which the washing machine's outlet hose was put. Said bucket was propped up so as not to block the plughole (previous flooding cause). Some little while later, I came back to discover that the hose did not like to have it's fun spoiled by forethought on my part - so it jumped out of the bucket, out of the tub, and flopped down behind the washing machine, thence to pump an entire 6.5kg capacity washer-load of water onto the laundry floor. Did I mention that whoever did that extension (laundry with large shower, spa bath, and basin and toilet) did not think it necessary to put a drainhole anywhere in the floor? Not even under/next to/ near the laundry tub?
So, after some mopping/swooshing/swiping, the floor was clean, only slightly wet, and the bedlinen which had been awaiting a turn was in the machine. 3/4 of an hour later I came back to discover that the rushing water noises were caused by the machine trying to fill and drain at the same time (thankfully on the cold setting). I sorted that one out. But I haven't gotten it out to hang up yet.

Aside from the marvellous tapestry of family life, I have been knitting a little - I am particularly proud of having finished the first wildly orange sock in 8 days - and no I did not knit at work, give up sleep, or run away from my kids and hide in the wardrobe with a torch. just lots and lots of nighttime knitting. Although it may not have been ideal for my ulna - or perhaps the other one - whichever is on the outside of the forearm - I am totally chiffed with myself! And the sock is pretty dang awesome too :>
Also, yesterday I cast on a baby bolero, 3mth size, to give to a girlfriend - I'd like to finish by Wed lunch. I've done the back, am partway through the sleeves, and this is a knit-in-one-piece pattern, so cruising along nicely. I'll do a bit more before bed tonight, with my ipod on; I was watching I am Legend but the MOMD was snoring gently and I didn't want to watch it alone - 30 mins in and I was tensing up waiting for the monsters to jump out of the darkness! Hopefully he'll be able to sit up to watch it with me tomorrow.
Not much else to report - oh, except that my DS came with me to snb on Sat! He was his lovely self (as opposed to the unlovely version that kept oozing out all over the house today), and did his knitting, and worked on some Sudoku, and had baby cuddles with baby Ezra. J seemed to have a nice time - we shall see whether he wishes to come back next month!
ok, so that'll do for now - must leave myself some knitting time ;>
More blogging when there are some kind of visual representations of knitting to share. Maybe.