Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Just Can't Do It

I can't bring myself to watch the movie I borrowed yesterday, I am Legend. I thought maybe I'd be able to watch it if the MOMD was awake beside me instead of snoring gently, but no. Only halfway through and I'm not interested in ratcheting my pulse up any higher. It isn't even the rabid-wild-pig noises - I hate sitting there waiting to see where the caught-by-his-own-trap-and-dripping-blood scene will end up (sorry about the pun, those who've seen it). I realise he must get away, because with 45 mins to go he can't be caught by flesh-eating mutant plague victims just yet, but I'm guessing there will be some seriously scary bits between there and the end, and I'd like to be able to fall calmly asleep tonight thank you very much. I'll ask the MOMD how it ended.
So, for the next little while I shall read blogs, trawl Ravelry, and work on this baby-cardi. I might even be able to get partway through the neckband ribbing!
Oh, and today had a bakefest - banana-yoghurt muffins, no egg so school friendly (should the frozen ones last that far), and brownies - wholemeal, a bit too gooey, but amazingly rich. Also a tidying-fest - large areas of carpet are now visible, and hands no longer adhere themselves to tabletops - because a friend was dropping round for a catch-up-fest! (Sorry, that really was one 'fest' too far - blame the adrenalin come-down) We met when she was associate-lecturing at my uni, and had a lovely time comparing work/study etc situations. It was great to just sit and natter with someone in the same profession, looking at the differences and similarities - I am now in an independent school, she's in a public school, but we both have the same sorts of colleague interactions, or grotty tasks like stocktake to face up to. It can be very odd being the only TL in a school, because unless it is a very small school, most staff are not the only teacher of their subject/year level.
Knitting-wise, there is this baby-cardi on my lap, the wildly orange socks (pausing while I deal with this cardi), and then a zillion other WIPs, UFOs and plans! I think though that I shall take up Jae's challenge and get stuck into something I've been thinking of for over a year. More details as I get my act into gear.
Ok, that'll do for now. Have a great Wednesday everyone - we're off to the park to meet some friends from playgroup and admire the new baby!