Monday, September 15, 2008

My Bit of Randomness

Bells tagged me for this meme, and since I haven't finished the Great Flickr Upload yet, let's whip this one in to tide us over :>

Seven Random Things About Me

  1. I remember plotlines, subplots, character interactions and significant non-verbal cues from anything I've read or watched and paid attention to. I can give detailed accounts of the flow of a subplot through several books in a series or episodes in a book, and analyse the relationships between significant characters based on not a lot. Sometimes this is handy, and sometimes people have to tell me to stop, they only asked did I watch it last night.
  2. Sometimes I get names mixed up, eg calling my children by my dogs' names.
  3. I don't like roses much. I prefer tulips once they've opened right out - that egg-shape does nothing for me. I love gerberas, zinnias, anemones, ranunculus and nemesia. I also love structural flowers like proteas and grevilleas, and I love gumflowers.
  4. I didn't really learn how to sing until I had my son, and sang him to sleep - I never really knew how to switch into my singing voice before then. I'm still not a great singer though.
  5. My husband's birthday is the day before mine. We usually still have two cakes though.
  6. I can ignore lollies, milk chocolate, ice cream, custard, most bikkies - but I am very susceptible to dark chocolate, home-made cake or bikkies. My sweet tooth is quite picky.
  7. I do not, have never, and probably will never like raw tomato. Big, small, red, yellow or pear-shaped.
So, who wants to play? Leave a comment if you do :>