Tuesday, September 16, 2008


D'you like it?

SProStaR - Spring Project Status Review

All I wanted to do was to sort out a few WIP socks, mentally clear the decks for a cardi I want to design and another I want to alter. But something happened...Each bag led to another, and then to a tub, and another, and another.... until every tub of stash and every project bag and every WIP and every UFO launched themselves at me, taking over the newly cleared and vacuumed floor...
the Status Review begins
(that's not all of it, oh no, there were TEN TUBS of assorted stash and UFOs to add to that)

So, would you like to know what ended up in my basket of current WIPs (plus a couple of mindless long-term items to round it out)?

  1. Since Sunday, I've done some more on the Spicy Orange socks and Monkeys
  2. I discovered that I need to review my seaming technique
  3. I have darned the beret.
  4. The Alpine cardi needs altering to fit me (too wide in the shoulder, too narrow in the sleeve. Must be the gym biceps).
  5. I want to make a bamboo cotton top-down raglan cardi with some interesting extras.
  6. I need to find the pattern for the pinwheel cardi and work out where I'm up to on the border, finish it and add sleeves (preferably before next September).
  7. The pink/red/purple cardi was an impluse item a little while ago, but should be good for Miss 2 this summer.
  8. The purple alpaca cardi has been on hold for ages, so I want to finish the sleeve and block it to be my swatch, and see whether I still want it.
  9. Argosy has been in my bag for a while and the needles keep pulling out - I have to get it set back up and put it in something that will keep it together.
  10. In the SProStaR I found this Magic Ball Swatch and fell in love again. I must work out how I want to deal with it - there are going to be fifty billion ends, so do I weave in as I go, darn them in later (oh dire death) or tie knots and line it with something?
  11. This is a vest in the endless suply of Jet - I swear the original purchase has been reproducing itself - every time I toss the stash I find another calico bag with more Jet...
  12. The Endless Clappy continues. Every so often I do a few more rows, and one day it will be gorgeous and enormous.
SO!!! Who dares to match me?? I freely admit to chronic startitis, totally unrealistic expectations, sudden wild enthusiasms and a lack of speedy follow-through. But this is a hobby, I've learned to cast on children's clothing a size or two larger to compensate for my Knitting ADD, and I give myself plenty of time to be really sure that I want to finish :>