Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Le Sigh

I am thiiiiiiiiiis close to having the Alpine cardi finished - last night I did the knitted version of the loopy chain cast-off (as per the pattern), and I don't like it. The loops make a sweet little frill around the neckline, while nothing else in the cardi frills at all. I have to undo it and do a picot edge or something - little bumps to reflect the bumps of the patterned panels on the fronts.

For a simple, 1ply, fast-knitting cardi, this is taking a while to finish, what with the sleeves being to tight and the back neckline needing adjusting and not finding anything to button it with and being 4 rows short of yarn on the neckband and now the edging isn't right. Didn't I mention the yarn shortage? No? Luckily I had the exact same shade in an 8ply, so I skipped the 'decrease 33 stitches around' and just did the garter bit in 8ply on 4.5mm needles, which sits really well, holding the neckband down flat. Whew!

and I have only got hook & eye fasteners so far - there will be serious internet trawlage for fancy closures.

but now I must dash!