Sunday, October 19, 2008

Long Lacy Summer

Well, it seems like I'm just asking for trouble, sitting here in Hobart and talking about a long summer, but there's lace involved, and hey, I'll be tripping around NSW for 4 weeks enjoying the warmth up there, so it worry me if Hobart has snow for Xmas this year like they did in 2006 (we were in Hay for that one too). Bells is hosting but in no way organising a Long Lacy Summer, which I had been sorely tempted by, and then my present arrived, and I was lost.

The Wollmeise has found something it would like to be - the Forget-Me-Not Lace Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark - see previous post for links, I'm too hayfevery to bother finding them again.

Starting to forget...

I hadn't got much done today due to four loads of washing, a tax return, and turning the skein into a ball (forgot to photograph that - it's big and round and beautiful). That pic is chart one plus one repeat of chart two, six more repeats to go till Chart 3!!

Time to have a cuppa, guess at clothing for the morrow, and sit down to knit some more. I'm working on my Vegas Anastasia sock when my brain gets too clogged to follow charts, so no matter what happens, there will be colour in my evening.

Yeah, that really doesn't sound like polished prose, but I have cold+hayfever, and didn't take any anti-histamine or paracetemol until lunchtime, so there was several hours of sneezing this morning that smooshed the inside of my head against my skull way more times than is good for me. I should go pat my yarn until I feel better. I could even take it to bed with me like Mad Mad did a while back - no, wait, that was before hers had knitting needles and stitch markers in it. Maybe I should put mine on the table beside the bed instead.
G'night, I'll let you know how my knitting entries go in the Royal Hobart Show this week.