Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend snippets

It is amazing (or not really) how much you can get done when you have an extra couple of days in front of the weekend!
Over the past four days there has been a visit to the Show, knitting, necessary house-cleaning, knitting, kitchen duties, knitting, DS had a friend over (who came over all eight and begged to go home at ten pm that night, poor little bloke), reading, knitting, clothes washing, shopping, knitting, a trip to the Richmond Maze to see some friends, knitting, watching the first Indiana Jones movie with the MOMD (who was astonished that I had known that he'd never seen them - pure serendipity and sheer dumb luck), knitting, more time in the laundry, muffins, chocolate cake, knitting..... I'm having a lovely time, and no RSI due to all the interruptions :>

***later that evening...***
Well, the kids made mud, then mud pies, then had a mud fight, then painted their limbs with mud, then when they ran out of skin, painted their clothes with mud. It's a good thing that I'm pretty relaxed about dirt (and that no mud ended up on the clean towels on the washing line - that would have been the end of Relaxed Mum and the beginning of Furious Mum, pretty much instantaneously!!!). The MOMD was late home from helping a neighbour put in a new staircase, having stopped for a chat and a beer or two, so I put the kids in the shower in the laundry, and started the dinner, and gave the very relaxed MOMD the mop for the laundry floor. It has taken a couple of hours, but the children are now all clean, dry, dressed, fed, clean of tooth and put to bed. The MOMD will be in bed shortly. I am looking at maybe 90 minutes of unfettered freedom, tea, chocky cake and complete control over the remote. What a great way to finish the weekend!!

So, the knitting this weekend?
A swatch with my new Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, colour 'Enamel' - think inky blue with flashes of blue and indigo (not allowed to say purple for this one):
I grafted the toe on Berlin #1 and cast on for Berlin #2:
One Berlin done, number two started
I washed the doll parts, ready to finish seaming and to add details (like, oh, I don't know, ears, a face... things to make it less weird-blob and more recognisable-doll).
Hanging around
I haven't done any shawl knitting (that requires no people talking to me), but I did make a start on the MIL tea-cosy - see Ravelry for details!! (Neri, if you're reading this, I am not showing you pictures - you will just have to wait until you unwrap it)