Sunday, November 23, 2008

I almost got away with it...

Yesterday was not my favourite Saturday.

I didn't get any knitting time at all.

I pouted. I whined. I whinged.

Because I was helping the MOMD get through the curtains. That's right, I still haven't finished making curtains from the Great Curtain Materials Buy-up of October '07. The other weekend I hemmed those that had been done (prompted by the MOMD) and finished the last rumpus room curtain, and we faced the other three enormous, one medium and one small window that still needed doing.
Great was my anguish and despair at the thought of so many metres of curtains.
There's a reason why I didn't get them done while I was still a SAHM - I hate sewing curtains.
Once again - oh how I adore this man - the MOMD has rescued me.
He seems to actually - unfathomably, incredibly - like sewing curtains. It's productive, practical, and uses a machine that (sort-of) vrooms. And it saves us enormous sums of money on buying specially-made curtains (the enormous windows are too tall even for the magic-drape continuous curtaining stuff that you only have to hang and hem).
So that fabulous, dratted man sat at the sewing machine yesterday, refining his skills at seams, flat-felled seams, and hems. He also did a fair bit of pinning.
I was smote by my conscience and could not, simply could not let him tackle all of it alone, so I did the ironing and pinning of top and side hems, and the pressing and pinning of the flat-felled seams that join the drops together.
All day.
Except for lunch, and a trip to Spotties for more thread.
All that needs to be done now to have the two enormous and one medium window in the living room swathed in old-gold stripes is to sew on the gather tape, gather, hook and hang.
The MOMD wanted to get that done last night, after dinner, but was stymied by the sewing machine suddenly not working. Fiddle, fiddle-fiddle. Remove faceplate - fiddle, tweak. Frown. The thread was not being brought around properly, so no sewing - for a little while it looked as though my Sunday was saved from further crushing curtaining drudgery.
But this morning it appears that the MOMD did in fact manage to fix / tweak/ adjust enough to make sewing possible again.
And after the living room curtains there are the one enormous and one small window in our bedroom to go. I know I will be thrilled not to have a glorious dawn prising open my eyelids at 5.12am, but right now I yearn for the time to just relax and knit.

I almost had a day free.