Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here a stitch, there a stitch..

I've finally found a little time to knit this week! I have a lovely cable swatch on my needles which is bringing me much joy, and I have managed a couple more rows on Talia, and I've even done enough brown cuff to switch to brown/purple/orange leg of the sock for hubby!
As for pictures, they are not happening right now. It is dark (almost - last light at 8.56pm). The tea has steeped. The absence of the MOMD and enticing tv has awakened thoughts of chickflick dvds and chocolate and knitting on the lounge all evening...Bliss!!!
I leave you with this mental picture - DS has decided to try ribbing - knit and purl as stocking stitch are too easy now, he wants to make patterns in his knitting. K3 P3 ribbing, in aqua. Boy in his Chesty Bonds singlet and Bart Simpson boxers knitting in bed. Fantastic.
PS he is miffed because I won't take him with me to Dysart on the 29th for our Knitting Retreat. He wants to have a bonus snb this weekend to make up for it. Any takers?