Monday, November 17, 2008

Reasons to move to Tasmania

  • We have excellent cheeses, such as King Island and Tasmanian Heritage, which are frequently on fabulous specials at the local supermarket (I'm having True Blue Tasmanian Heritage blue Brie on wholemeal Vienna toast with a glass or two of red - I may or may not need dinner tonight)
  • We have fabulous ice cream - Valhalla ice cream everywhere, and the fancy Food Stores have Ice Cream From The Valley, with ice creams of the most incredible awesomeness such as Vanilla Bean and Raspberry, and Spiced Pear and Wattleseed, and various other organically enticing flavours.
  • Berry farms up and down the east coast
  • Astonishing scenery - I have a spectacular view of Mount Wellington looming over Hobart every morning as I drive to work, and that includes rainbows a surprising amount of the time (low rainfall but high drizzle factor)
  • Cardigan weather for so much of the year - great for knitters! (Today was a fine example - a very slow climb to 17.4*C at 1pm, with a rapid drop thereafter)
  • Historic architecture around every corner - enough sandstone buildings to give Sydney a run for its money
  • Day tripping from Hobart can do three significant tourist towns in three hours - nowhere is more than half-an-hour from the next spot.
  • Hobart has all the amenities of a big city with no traffic jams (ignore the locals - 'bad traffic' means taking 20 mins to go from one side of the bridge and across the CBD - 5 mins more than usual)
  • Flights to Melbourne are incredibly cheap ($59 shopping trip anyone?)
  • While city/suburb prices are catching up with the rest of the country, half-an-hour out of the city and a family home on a big block is suddenly perfectly affordable
  • People are nice. It has that small-town feel. You can strike up a conversation with the person next to you in the queue without feeling like some weird space-invading creep who should go back to whatever rural village spawned you (sorry. the wine made that a bit stronger than I meant it to sound. But I don't remember striking up conversations with random strangers anytime I went shopping in Sydney. Or Coffs. Or even Wagga, much)
  • And there are some great knitters down here!!!