Monday, November 03, 2008

What's going on?

Well, this weekend there was lots of sewing, and with the cords and the scissors and the pins and the surface area and the toddler, I remembered why I like knitting more.

I made a small project bag for Kim from Alaska, who first visited us last year and brought me a copy of Knitting Without Tears; I thought she deserved a little something in return (let's not mention the timeframe).

After snb on Sat (where we said g'bye to Kim, as she heads home again soon), I visited the Spot of Temptation with a couple of other knitters, one of whom helped me discover (hi Kizzie!) some wonderfully retro floral cotton in the remnants basket, and oversaw some dithering amongst useful patterns for toddler clothing. DD #1 almost has a new floral shift, and DD #2 almost has a new tiered skirt (I ran out of purple thread for the binding on the dress, and ran out of time to gather and pin the tiers of the skirt. Also need smaller width buttonhole elastic, if such exists)

There may also have been some knitting, and photographing of knitting. Penni looked over at my needles and said in a voice that was half shocked, half queasy "you're knitting something brown???"
Brown sock cuff As you can see, the brown is necessary to make the multi go far enough to accommodate man-size socks. I promised the MOMD some socks, he chose orange-and-purple, I found some Moda Vera to experiment with, and the rest is a mystery that will unfold over the course of the summer.

Speaking of summer, and summer sock projects, I have picked up my sock projects once or twice:
one repeat One repeat down, plenty more to go.

Those socks are a nice segue into the other realm of summer projects: lace!
Slow growth Bit by bit I'm spending time on it, it grows when I have satisfied minimum effort on other things.

On my Rav projects page you will see that the MIL teacosy was begun, but I was not generous enough with the number of repeats I cast on, so I am starting again. Le sigh. At least I worked it out now, and not two weeks before Christmas!

I'm sure there are other things I should be blogging, but I'm having a feminine evening so my brain is preoccupied with yearnings for tea, rugs, hot water bottle and knitting with no more distractions. I'll get back to you as soon as I regain my superpowers.