Monday, December 15, 2008


At last I can reveal the stealth project of the last month or so!!! Our dear Tinkingbell has had a bit of family stress, so after a bit of fussing and wondering what on earth I could do to help when I live three hours' drive away, I stalked some of Tink's online knitting buddies and organised a blanket for her, to give her some 'woolhugs' (thanks Zeph for the word!)
As squares arrived I started laying them out on an old sheet:
planning out Tink's blanket

Then I tried to crochet them together - not a success. And very v-e-r-y s--l--o--w... so I abandoned that plan and went with bold whip-stitching, and offset the strips, to create a very rustic blanket:
Tink's blanket

We drove up to Tink's place Friday evening, with me madly whip-stitching squares together in the car on the way (thankfully the MOMD does not object to me having the light on while he is driving). I then had to resort to some trickery and deception to get it finished: yawning on Sat morning, I blamed the neighbouring cows for keeping me up to midnight - not entirely true, I got several strips sewn together! Waking up reasonably early on Saturday, I got an hour of sewing in before appearing for breakky; and during a quiet moment after lunch, I checked on Miss V - and stayed up there for an hour - another two strips!! When the small people were eating their dinner, I claimed a headache and went upstairs for some quiet-time, fending off Tink's offers of pharmaceutical assistance (I was a little weary, but didn't need actual drugs) and got it finished! I came down, just in time to confess to my bending of the truth and give Tink and The Accountant their gift - Tink was quite overcome, and nearly burnt the prawns! She could not believe that I had been so sneaky, and that so many people had contributed without even a whisper of a hint reaching her - and she stayed thrilled from then until we left after lunch on Sunday. The Accountant had a gleam in his eye that boded ill for anyone who tried to wrest it from him during evenings in front of the tele, and Tink spent ages patting each square and trying to guess who made them. (I took pictures of all of them individually, so give me a shout out if you need a pic of your bit/s)
When we took photos outside yesterday, Tink said she loved it so much she could just wear it forever:
Tink wears her blanket #1Tink wears her blanket #2

Now I am home again, and normal knitting can resume - aside from all the xmas gifts on my list that is!

Oh, and I have one more square I found hiding on my living room floor - that must be why there is an unbalanced corner - it was fate! My apologies to the knitter - I'll send it up there asap!